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No vehicle is complete without a set of wheels. If your wheels need to be repaired, replaced or remanufactured, WR Automotive Wheel Repair can help. We’ll make any wheels look like new, whether they’re scratched, scraped or have peeling paint. By the time your vehicle leaves our shop, you can expect a safe and smooth ride out of here.


Not All Wheel Repairs are Created Equal


If your alloy wheels need to be repaired or replaced, the first thing to do is get quotes from local refinishing companies. It’s important to know that not all alloy wheel repair work NJ is created equal. Some repair companies offer a quick fix where they spray the wheels with a solution like spray paint. If you want to pay for this, you might as well do it at home for much less!


At WR Automotive Wheel Repair, we know how important your vehicle is to you. We don’t offer quick, temporary fixes. We provide quality work that will stand the test of time. All alloy wheel repairs are handled properly and safely by our qualified and certified technicians. We take great pride in the level of workmanship that we offer, so if you have any questions, concerns or even special instructions, don’t hesitate to ask!


How the Alloy Wheel Repair Process Works


The first step in alloy wheel repair is to ensure that your wheels can be safely repaired. There’s no reason to spend the time and money having your wheels fixed if they aren’t safe. Our specialists will check the wheel for cracks and ensure that the extent of the damage can be safely restored. As long as these two factors check out, we can begin work on your alloy wheels.


Our goal is to restore your vehicle to “like new” condition – there’s no in between! Our techs apply exceptional precision and detail to each job, thoroughly repairing, priming and painting your wheels. When complete, we finish the job by applying a clear coat to protect the alloy from damage. Our OEM-approved paints can be matched to all alloy wheels for a perfectly blended look.


WR Automotive Wheel Repair fixes OEM and custom wheels up to 35”. With our newly expanded operations and fully equipped repair facility, we are now the only wheel repair center in New Jersey that handles all wheel repairs and maintenance in one location. All of our technicians receive ongoing training and are familiar with the latest technology.


To schedule an appointment for alloy wheel repair, call us today!